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Funkka and Esty

I have no clue if this community is dead or not. If It's not, then I'll start by posting my character information. :O

Server: Spinebreaker (PvP)
Level: 21 (I know, really low)
Race: Troll
Class: Hunter
Pets: Onion, level 20 tiger; Mint, level 16 plainstrider
Other: My first character on WoW. Trolls are the coolest, man.

Server: Twisting Nether (RP/PvP)
Level: 9
Race: Undead
Class: Warrior
Other: I made this about 2 days ago. Undead is really cool! I have crap jokes, though.

So.. yes. Both are girls, by the way. If any of you guys play on either server, send me a letter. Or somthing cool like that.

Oh right! Did any of you do the Christmas events? I only did one, and the reward was pretty bad. The one where you went to "Great Father Winter" and gave him a cookie.

Gonna go play now. Bye!
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