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Funkka and Esty

I have no clue if this community is dead or not. If It's not, then I'll start by posting my character information. :O

Server: Spinebreaker (PvP)
Level: 21 (I know, really low)
Race: Troll
Class: Hunter
Pets: Onion, level 20 tiger; Mint, level 16 plainstrider
Other: My first character on WoW. Trolls are the coolest, man.

Server: Twisting Nether (RP/PvP)
Level: 9
Race: Undead
Class: Warrior
Other: I made this about 2 days ago. Undead is really cool! I have crap jokes, though.

So.. yes. Both are girls, by the way. If any of you guys play on either server, send me a letter. Or somthing cool like that.

Oh right! Did any of you do the Christmas events? I only did one, and the reward was pretty bad. The one where you went to "Great Father Winter" and gave him a cookie.

Gonna go play now. Bye!
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Trolls ARE the coolest! I play on feathermoon, but it's always nice to meet other girls who play.

lvl 12 (not for long :P)
troll warrior

If you ever make a character on feathermoon whisper me or something. Always fun to have someone new to play with.
Hey there. I play a troll too. I myself am female but my character is male. The name is Echozar and I'm on Blackhand. And don't feel ashamed of your "low level"! There's no such thing! Everyone plays at their own pace. Echozar is only level 21 as well. I have characters all over on different servers, but Echozar is my highest leveled character so far.

And hey, if you're looking for a more active community, try out girls_of_wow

Nice to meetcha!
Nice to meet you guys! I'll roll on both servers! ;) I was afraid I wouldn't get any responses because hey, no one would be here.

And Gungho Squirrel! I've never met another girl who played male characters! I have a male tauren, I never really play him, though.
omfg somebody posted. it's too bad i don't play much anymore. anyway:

Ageha, Lvl 53 Orc Shaman
Iluvpizzalol, Lvl 30 Undead Rogue

both on Smolderthorn.